A set of automation scripts SMM / SEO for a bunch of social networks / sites, for ZennoPoster/BrowserAutomationStudio


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12 Мар 2018
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We offer for sale such a set of automation scripts for various social networks and sites.

Scripts can be sold both in sets and separately, prices are negotiable, but inexpensive)

They are all written under ZennoPoster, i.e. to use them you need to have or buy a license for the Zenoposter (and the prices for it start at 57usd for 1 in-line version, 147usd for 5 in-line, and more). What is the main disadvantage.

Therefore, plans to rewrite some of them under a free analogue (BrowserAutomationStudio).

List of projects:
1. clickers cheat points in SMS services:

on youtube aki
bosslike - views + likes + subscriptions
like4u - views + likes + subscriptions
likesrock - views
ytmonster.net views + likes + subscriptions
ytmonster.ru views + likes + subscriptions
on instagram aki
like4u - through api, there is a liker and follower. Reger ak insty in the service and the checker of their balance. You can immediately pinned the task installer for likes via api.
VK aki

at all, through AKI VK, we carry out tasks in the mobile version of VK, like friends and join groups. (can be divided into separate modules).


2. parsers:

search engines:
- yandex
- google
- bing
- duckduckgo

we set the list of keywords and the depth of the search in the pages, we get the list of urls as the output goes.

- youtube - by keywords parsim urls to the list.
- Alexa - domain and age of the site
- AlexaRank - select the top 500 Alexa by category. (Need a premium AK, free 2 weeks it).
- Check sites for rss, twittera and the absence of carts. (under the channel generator with foreign sites)
- eros.com - usa sluts bodies
- theeroticrewiew.com - yus whore bodies
- yecom.ru - catalog of companies. We choose soaps from the cards of companies for a given section.
- pricegrabber - we check prices according to the list of goods.
- parser of nicknames with legalRC
- otzovik.com - parse all reviews on the selected topic. They counted the number of characters in total and thus determined how many attendants were spent on each review. OTZOVIK TOPIC - you can develop it somehow, reviews are already collected by the text already, well, the otzovik pays for the reviews.


3. Cart:

- inviter
- a parser through the web version (limits) of users from open groups - it is possible to set a list of groups and gather around them to walk around freshly.
- Wash the messag in the chat (you can rub everything: or you can configure it to technical rub or whatever).
- Reger telegram api
- spam in PM
- spam on the list of groups (walking in a circle)
- spam on the list of anti-ban groups, free ads where. 125 channels were there. Everything is looped, goes for days on end, views so cool.
- chat spam (a bunch of akov walks and shouts one after another in a certain chat)
- phone checker for the presence of tg
- clicker in bitcoin bots, collect bonus satoshi every day.
- clicker in bots for subscribers
- clicker in bots for views
- chat nickname-parser - flips through the log and selects all unsubscribed. It is useful for chats from which it is not possible to collect the usual methods of users.
- A poster in your channel of fresh news from the donor's site (a site with open rss is selected).
- a poster in your channel of fresh news from the donor channel (we ask the donor and according to the schedule the script checks it for new articles - DO NOT TAKE ADVERTISING OF SCRIPT !!! IMPORTANT: the channel must be designed in the same style - - works with 3 types of channels, picture + signature, telegram, longrid--)
- nickname checker for employment in tg (as conceived, these are sites with top alexa that 100% coincide with the domain, do not have a cart and have a source of open information for the channel - twitter, rss, insta.
- dorgenerator. From the list, the echel generates channels, creates, adds a description, contacts, puts passwords on ak and registers the bot for management through manybot. + the ability to upload ava to the channel, ADD SOURCES FOR AUTONOMOUS CHANNELING).
- YouTube poster to the channel. Checks for new vidos and posts to our channel. I have selected football leagues and bloggers. It walks on YouTube and provides a bunch of channels with material. + Parser for all videos from the selected channel and a poster in the channel of this information after a period of time. (we parse some thread a 2-year-old channel with earning schemes: we all piss into a file with telegraph links, for example, and we huyarim content on our channel once a day). There is also a unique text inside so that tg does not take offense.


4. VK:

- Birthdays - looking for husbands from wives of whom the other day. - From the forum.
- Reg VK (has its own user agent and botreg.ru via mob)
- check ak for valid (by request we update the availability of ak vk.com/acc)
- check ak for the reason for the lock and time.
- parser of groups where to join by keywords
- parser photo from profiles based on the selection parameters.
- parser of reposts (with regs to post on the wall) parsim for reposts given groups, but we can also insert our own links.
- lyker
- follower


5. insta :

- Reger through webversion.
- Parser of logins of the form @katy__katyusha from the given groups.
- Liker on the list (intervals and quantity are set)
- follower on the list (intervals and quantity are set)



- mail.ru - webversion and through api (3 aka for 1 ip / day)
- twitter - through the mobile version, either through the phone or through soap.
- gmail - through the mobile version.


7. spammers:

- mail.ru - with the ability to send files
- discord - spam on chats in chat rooms. We need chat invites.
- Slack is almost the same as a discord.


8. checkers:

- legalrc - we check the activity of users when he was doing something.
- coinage of sites for the CMS version
- coinage of sites for parameters (country, visitor, etc.); several services there to choose from. The coolest via api similarweb.com api can be bought for ss.


9. Miscellaneous

- Shortener links. Adds our link (s) to 5 sprinklers with a record in a separate file for each sprinkler.
- UMS megafon - receive SMS on physical sims via the web
- Tracker for any store on deer.io, stat in echel for the time period (set yourself) income / expense. (on the example of vkshop.biz)
- The counter generator for projects (so as not to allocate 0-1000000 to the ekhel)
- FreeBitcoin - Satoshi’s unkillable crane, they give once a hour instead of Google recaptcha 2. It turns out so-so with it, but plus so far =). We are waiting for a chip from the botmaster. Finally, the temka norms, it will go to people if you explain the norms) there is a reger + a multi-threaded button itself.


10. From the xena forum (completed public scripts):

- Kyivstar SMS + DB (akhuenny example how to learn to work with a DB)
- youtube api (parsers info from the channel, video sheet, video comments, video info, likes - full harvester)
- Send a photo of telegrams (if there is a screwed bot)
- yandexmarket via web and xpath
- full mouse emulation
Для просмотра URL-ссылок и контента, нужны, Вход или Регистрация пожалуйста, выполните их!
- reger and parser of users, adult.
- generator and emulator of a unique mobile browser (a piece that can be substituted in the beginning before any project) + as an option emulation of browser plug-ins + generation of history (walks on Yandex google)
- Facebook reger
- Multithreaded work through Tor.


11. Forums on the Xenforo engine. Including in .onion zone.

Reger akov - universal.
Spam mail on the list of topics, in the topics of different sections of the random house we write messages from the file.
Fludilka and spamilka in PM. We select those who hang online and sleep, we conduct black so as not to shit twice. (here a little to finish under different forums, it is written under a standard engine)