House Heating Heat Pump manufacturers China

Precise Output Matching, High Efficiency
For a given house, the heating load which is mainly affected by the outside temperature is always changing during a day or even a heating season. We normally control the ON/OFF time of a normal heat pump to match the heating load. The benefit of a DC inverter heat pump is the continuous output matching at various heating load, the water temperature and thus the room temperature will be more stable compared with a normal heat pump system. A DC inverter heat pump has a very high efficiency, especially during the partial load range, it will greatly reduce your energy bill.
Benefits for You
● Better efficiency and comfort due to DC inverter technology.
● Compact design integrated with heating, cooling and hot water function in one block.
● Very high efficiency, especially during partial load running .
● Intelligent output control, more stable water temperature and room temperature.
● Can be combined with a solar thermal system.
● High reliability and long lifetime.House Heating Heat Pump manufacturers China