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Mar 12, 2018
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Telegram Inviter, Telegram Spammer, Telegram Parser, Telegram Auto Recorder
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SMM soft for Telegram

TGAutoBot 3
This Software can automatically inviting to supergroups, sending messages to users, and to chat telegrams, it also has an auto-registrar of accounts in telegrams, and much more (see the full list of functions below) - TGAutoBot 3
- TGAutoBot 3

The list of functions performed:
(Sorry for bad English, this text translate from Russian version) - https://icoforum.net/threads/107/
1.)Telegram Inviter - invites users to your group chat, both by the list of @ logins and by numbers.

A tool to attract a live audience to your group / chat.

In the inviter interface, you can specify:

The number of accounts for work (inviting).
Limit invitations from one account.
List of users (their logins) to invite.
Your group login where to invite.
The path to the folder with saved accounts (you can transfer and change the folder).

2.) Telegram spammer - allows you to send messages to the LAN, can work in multi-threaded mode, supports macros for randomizing text (to reduce ban risks).

In the Spammer’s interface, the settings are similar to Invader, except that the Mailing text is set, and it can be randomized with macros to bypass anti-spam protection:

3.) Telegram account autoregistration module - can automatically creates new accounts. You can set your first / last names in the list, select the country of registration, various SMS activation services are available (sms-activate.ru, simsms.org, and others).

It works through the official telegram portable, after registration you can let your account rest (to reduce the percentage of locks) or immediately authorize your account on the web and save it in the desired format.

4.) Telegram parser - Telegram Extractor users from groups - can parse an audience from chats, collect a list of @ logins of participants. There is filtering - you can collect all, only active / inactive, or the last 200 people in the group (from the top list in the group).

5.) Chat spammer- enters the necessary chats and sends advertising messages to them ..

6.) All modules support work through proxies and vpn.

7.) There is multithreading in the spammer / inviter, you can set any number of threads, it works very quickly from many accounts at the same time..

8.) For each completed action, a detailed report is written and saved in the software:

9.)Winder of subscribers and viewing posts in telegram channels, automation of receiving Telemembers points ::
The script automates the receipt of points for cheating subscribers in Telegram channels, and viewing posts. In this option, this is done by wrapping an application called Telemember (an Android application for exchanging subscribers / telegram views). The script itself launches different accounts to get points. It works quickly, without additional launch of the android emulator. The script is for Windows only. On day 1, the account earns ~ 100 points, which is equal to 50 subscribers. Those. 70-100 accounts will give 7-10k points, and this: 3500-5000 subscribers to the channel. 14k-20k post views.

Software have full English interface/menu/manual.

The software is written on a powerful tool BrowserAutomationStudio. which allows you to fully emulate the behavior of a living person to bypass the ban, updates the software remotely, you will no longer need to manually re-upload files as in other software ;)

Instant purchase of licenses is available on our forum - https://icoforum.net/resources/

To buy software - register on our forum (without confirmations and checks), choose one of several types of licenses.
On the page of the license you need, click on the top right orange button "Buy for ХХХ.ХХ", pay in a way convenient for you, and enjoy your work :)

After payment, software is issued automatically.
We accept BitCoin, Ethereum, Waves, Dash, LiteCoin, Monero, Doge, etc...and... Qiwi Visa Wallet, YandexMoney(Russian online wallets and credit cards).

Prices for different configurations:
Standard License. For 1 pc binding In this version, the basic functionality of 9 modules is available (the entire list above).
Price - 99 usd. Buy online - https://icoforum.net/resources/

license. For 2 pc. Basic set (9 functions) +2 additional functions (mass abuse, and flooding).
Price -
189 usd. Buy online - https://icoforum.net/resources/

Ultimate version.
For 3pc. Basic (9 modules) + Advanced functionality (2 modules), and additional Ultimate functionality in this version:
A module for smart viewing of posts, and a module for advanced emulation of “live” subscribers, software can emulate the behavior of living people in telegram channels at the right time and amount.
Price 299 usd. Buy online - https://icoforum.net/resources/

All licenses are issued for an unlimited time, for customers all updates are free ..
Frequency of updates and new features: 1-2 times a week. In the case of a change of PC / iron, re-binding is done free of charge 1 time per month. All functions are provided with detailed instructions for use, access is granted to the private section of the software customer support forum (based on our icoforum.net forum). Technical support through instant messengers, a forum, general customer chat.


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